Attention to Detail

Pow Painting is owned and operated by an artist at heart. Whether you want solid colors, or decorative effects, we will help you form your vision and then bring it to life.

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Prepare With Care

We repair cracks, caulk gaps, restore walls and prep and prime surfaces the right way. We do work that is meant to last for years to come.

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respect your space

We are conscientious and considerate of your personal and physical space. We will be sure to protect all of your belongings, keep noise minimal, and leave the place cleaner than we found it.

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a family tradition - done with integrity


Pow Painting was founded by Gary Heimbauer Jr., after many years of learning the trade from his father. As a 13 year old he began working summers for his Dad and was able to be trained on every little detail of what makes a painter highly skilled and highly efficient. As a creative person, having studied Art in college, and who has been writing music since before then, the trade naturally appealed to him. He soon took it the next level, experimenting with faux finishes, modern color palettes and other creative designs.

Painting is therapeutic if approached in a way that values the process, instead of just seeing it as a means to an end. This trade allows us painters to get deeply engrossed in details, constantly discover new and better ways of doing things, and stay active. We co-envision a project with our clients, from start to finish, and then we make it happen. We get to experience that sense of a job well done, and the act of service. Nothing feels better than the mutual sense of satisfaction and gratitude that we share with the owner of the space that we just completed painting.

Gary spends the time up front to first find the right people for his team that share his integrity and detail oriented approach, and then train them properly so that expectations are clear and the same standards are shared by all. Since Pow Painting is a small team, it allows us to give clients a very personalized experience, and to make sure that quality control is never an issue.



Whether you need just a wall painted or an entire house or office restored and refinished, do not hesitate to reach out for a free estimate!